Briefly Me

Mehmet Bahadır KIRDAN

👨‍💻 Code Quality Consultant at CQSE GmbH

🤝 Vice President at the Association of Turkish-German Friendship in Munich

🎓 M.Sc. Informatics at Technical University of Munich

🎓 B.Sc. Computer Science at Ozyegin University – Istanbul

🇹🇷 – Native language
🇬🇧 – Speaks fluently
🇩🇪 – Limited knowledge

Who am I?

I love acting as the primary liaison between customers and development teams due to having software engineering skills, in-depth business processes knowledge, and communication experiences with customers.

My main strives are to be the voice of the customers and make sure that all the customers’ needs are met. Therefore, I truly believe that

  • being honest and positive
  • having pragmatic, teamwork, and hard work skills
  • asking the right questions at the right time

are the key values for being successful in any domain.