Mehmet Bahadır KIRDAN

👨‍💻 Code Quality Consultant at CQSE GmbH

🤝 Vice President at the Association of Turkish-German Friendship in Munich

🎓 M.Sc. Informatics at Technical University of Munich

🎓 B.Sc. Computer Science at Ozyegin University – Istanbul

🇹🇷 – Native language
🇬🇧 – Speaks fluently
🇩🇪 – Limited knowledge

An Empirical Study of Android Security Bulletins in Different Vendors
WWW ’20: Proceedings of The Web Conference 2020 – April 2020

– We perform a comprehensive study of 3,171 Android-related vulnerabilities and study to which degree they are reflected in the Android security bulletin, as well as in the security bulletins of three leading vendors: Samsung, LG, and Huawei.

Hey Google, What Exactly Do Your Security Patches Tell Us? A Large-Scale Empirical Study on Android Patched Vulnerabilities
Workshop on the Economics of Information Security – WEIS ’19 – Jun 2019

– We perform a comprehensive study of 2,470 patched Android vulnerabilities that we collect from different data sources such as Android security bulletins, CVEDetails, Qualcomm Code Aurora, AOSP Git repository, and Linux Patchwork.

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