M.Sc. Mehmet Bahadır KIRDAN

👨‍💻 Code Quality Consultant at CQSE GmbH

📍 Munich/Istanbul

🤝 Vice President at the Association of Turkish-German Friendship

🎓 M.Sc. Informatics at Technical University of Munich

🎓 B.Sc. Computer Science at Ozyegin University – Istanbul

🇹🇷 – Native language
🇬🇧 – Speaks fluently
🇩🇪 – Limited knowledge


Project Owner at Automated Negotiating Agent Competition (ANAC) 2016 – May 2016

Developed an autonomous agent for Automated Negotiating Agents Competition(ANAC) 2016 that interacts and negotiates with other agents in the domain of smart grid energy by firstly considering all other opponents’ decisions and deciding the optimal move for each turn. With this approach, the agent was selected for the first prize.

Big Data Project Competition – Project Owner
(Feb 2014)

– A business plan for a big data project which was awarded the second price is designed for collecting and analyzing customer behaviors while they are shopping and improving the productivity of the stores based on these collected customer behaviors by using beacon technology.

Tubitak Project Competition Between High School Students – Project Owner
(May 2009)

– Implemented a tool for this competition that encrypts data by using the high-quality compression technique
– The project passed the regional eliminations and was accepted to be presented in the final exhibition of Turkey
– In the final exhibition, the project was selected for an encouragement award.

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